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The Museum of civilization

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Among the many attractions in the canadian city of Quebec special attention certainly deserves a Museum of civilization. The Museum is considered one of the best museums in Quebec and annually attracts hundreds of thousands of visitors.

The Museum of civilization in Quebec city was officially founded in 1984. Since finding a suitable, meeting all modern requirements of construction where it would be possible to represent the Museum's collection, was not a success, the government of Quebec has announced a competition for the best project of the future Museum. The winner was a talented architect Moshe Safdie, who not only designed a new spacious building, but also harmoniously fit into the structure of the Museum complex located in San Pierre building, the former Banque de Paris and the Maison Estèbe. In October 1988, the Museum of civilization opened its doors to visitors.

The Museum's collection represents the most impressive collection of ethnographic and historical artifacts, with more than 250 thousand objects. Here you will be able to get acquainted with the history of the city and the province of Quebec since time immemorial, and learn about the peculiarities of life and culture of the so-called first Nations (indigenous canadian).

At the Museum of civilization there are regular special temporary exhibitions, various cultural events, thematic lectures and seminars. Special attention the Museum pays to the development and conduct entertaining programs for school-age children. The on-site Museum also has an excellent library, a cozy cafe, lounge and gift shops.