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Quebec Aquarium Park

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The Quebec aquarium is a public aquarium in the town of Saint-FAW (a suburb of Quebec city). The aquarium is located near the Quebec bridge and covers an area of about 16 hectares (40 acres).

In 1953, doctor of biological Sciences Vadim Vladykov appealed to the Ministry of fisheries initiated the founding of the Quebec research centre. So, in 1954, had purchased a plot of land near the Quebec bridge that belonged to the Canadian national Railways, and in 1955 construction began. In 1956 the first part of the work was completed and the Biological centre of Quebec, including at the time of the laboratory for research groups specializing in marine biology and fisheries, a rotunda, and two galleries of aquariums, started its work. Soon was added a new wing where the lab conducting research on commercial species (salmon, eel, lobster, etc.) and a library.

In 1959, the biological centre of Quebec opened to the General public. The huge influx of visitors in the first year, clearly demonstrated the need for further development of the centre. Additional investments have helped to equip in 1960, the opening of pools for seals and a few aquariums.

In 1971, researchers of the center have moved to the new Scientific complex of Quebec, and the center was renamed the Quebec Aquarium. In 1999, the Aquarium welcomed its 8 millionth visitor. By this time urgent was the question about the necessity of closure and extensive renovation of the aquarium. In 2002, the aquarium reopened its doors to visitors. Next to the aquarium is the zoo (closed in 2005).

Today, the Quebec Aquarium is home to over 10,000 marine species (about 300 species) are fish, crustaceans, molluscs, reptiles, amphibians, marine mammals and birds. Aquarium specializiruetsya on boreal and Arctic wildlife.

The pride of the Quebec Aquarium is undoubtedly a famous gallery "High ocean" impressive "underwater tunnel" where you can observe sea creatures from the position of the diver.