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Water Park "Calypso"

Photos and description

Theme Park attraction - the largest water Park in Canada and one of the best water entertainment centers in the world. Is a water Park in the town of Limoges, 35 km East of Ottawa. The water Park is open only in the summer.

Water Park "Calypso" covers an area of 100 acres and can accommodate more than 12,000 visitors. This is an excellent vacation spot for young people and for families with children and people of venerable age. Here you will find a wide variety of water attractions - excellent slides of different difficulty levels, swimming pools, including for children and much more. The water is filtered every 90 minutes, and its temperature maintained at approximately 27 °C.

The water Park has everything necessary for comfortable rest - restaurants, bars, a Spa and several shops. There is also a special picnic area and the so-called "Hawaiian beach". The system of fingerprint identification allows guests of the Park to pay for goods and services without using credit cards and paper money, which, of course, in the specific conditions of the water entertainment center is an undeniable advantage.

One of the most popular attractions is perhaps the "Calypso Palace" - a huge wave pool, which, in fact, the Park got its name. This is one of the largest pools in North America, with an area of about 5,000 m2 and with a capacity of 2000 people. Of particular interest is the so-called Tower Summit - the biggest waterslide in North America, with a height of 28 m. However, a lot of fun you will get and visit such attractions as the water Park "Adrenaline", "boomerang", "Black hole", "Canyon Rafting" and "Jungle Run" and "Pirate's aquaplay".

Water Park "Calypso" was opened to the public in June 2010.