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Park, Majors Hill

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Park major's hill Park in the Central part of Canada's capital - Ottawa. The Park is located on a picturesque hill, overlooking the Rideau canal where it flows into the Ottawa river.

In 1827 was started the construction of the Rideau canal which was to connect the Ottawa river with lake Ontario. The construction was supervised by the English engineer Lieutenant Colonel John Bai, after whom it received its name formed the village builders is a BAYTOWN, later renamed Ottawa. Center of BAYTOWN was the same hill where today there is a Park Majors hill. Here was built the residence of John Baia, and a hill called "the hill Colonel." In the vicinity of the hill located homes builders. In 1832 John Bai returned to England, and on his place came Daniel Bolton. In 1838 Bolton was promoted to major, and very quickly, over the hill, stuck a new name - "the hill of the major" or "major's hill". In October 1848 as a result of severe fire, the residence was completely destroyed (though the ruins of some buildings has been preserved to our days), and the green plot in the heart of Ottawa's were built. In 1875, "Majors hill" has officially received the status of city Park.

Today, the Park major's hill a popular place for meetings, walking and recreation for residents of the canadian capital. Here are often held various cultural events, including major annual celebration in honor of the Day Ottawa. Famous for the Park and an excellent observation deck, which is considered one of the best in Ottawa.

Located next to the Park such well-known and popular sights of Ottawa as Parliament hill, national gallery of Canada, Byward market and Chateau Laurier.

Park, Majors hill is administered by the National capital Commission.