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Basilica of St. Patrick's Roman Catholic Minor Basilica in Montreal. The Basilica is located at Boulevard Rene levec in Los Angeles and is one of the most interesting and popular attractions of Montreal.

The first English-speaking Catholics who lived in Montreal, attended services in the Church of Notre-Dame-de-Bon-Secour. The number of parishioners grew rapidly, which substantially contributed to a massive influx of Irish immigrants in Montreal, who, in fact, initiated the collection of money for the construction of a new Church. By the autumn of 1843 was collected a sufficient sum of money to purchase land and begin construction. So, in September, 1843, were laid the first Foundation stone of the future Church, and on March 17, 1847, the first worship service was held. The temple was consecrated in honor of St. Patrick - one of the most revered saints in Ireland. The Church became an important cultural and religious centre of the Irish community of Montreal.

In 1989, on the orders of Pope John Paul II at St. Patrick's Church received the status of a Minor Basilica, and in 1996 was recognized as a National historic site of Canada.

The Basilica of Saint Patrick erected in neo-Gothic style by the project of Pierre-Louis Morin and Felix Martin, and is considered one of the best examples of this architectural style in Canada. The construction length is 71 m, width - 32 m, and an impressive Church spire reaches a height of 69 m Above the main entrance to the Basilica is a statue of St. Patrick.

Individual attention, no doubt, deserves the interior of the Basilica, where luxury blends with elegance, and French culture is closely intertwined with the Irish, as evidenced by the abundant use in the decoration of the French Fleur-de-Lis and the Irish Shamrock. All details of the interior designed to trifles and perfectly complement each other is a 25-meter high columns of white oak marble, excellent stained glass Windows and frescoes depicting biblical scenes and images of saints, the incredible beauty of the main altar, an impressive chandelier, decorated with angels, numerous sculptures, and more.

Famous for the Basilica of St. Patrick and its bells, the Carillon which is well known to the residents of Montreal. All ten bells, the oldest of them is called "Charlotte," it dates from 1774 year, and once belonged to the old Church of Notre Dame.