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The Island Of St. Helena

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Among the most interesting places of the city of Montreal, special attention will always be on St. Helena island one of the Islands of the archipelago of Osega. It is located on the St. Lawrence river near the island of Notre Dame, which forms the Park Jean Drapeau.

The island was named in honor of his wife Elena in 1611, gave the famous French traveler and geographer and founder and first Governor of the French settlement Samuel de Champlain. From 1665 to 1818, the island was owned by the family of Le moon from Longeye, and then became the property of the British government. With the aim to protect the approaches to the city from the East, the British built on the island a Fort and placed a military base. The Fort was used until 1870, after which the island was purchased by the canadian government. Already in 1874, Helena was converted into a public Park. During the Second world war, the island housed a pow camp.

In 1967, St. Helena and the island Notre Dame is home to the world exhibition Expo-67. In preparation for this great event as a result of unification with the neighboring Islands St. Helena island was greatly expanded.

Today Helena is one of the most popular places of recreation and entertainment for montrealers. Here regularly hosts a variety of cultural events, exhibitions, concerts and shows, including the international fireworks festival and Osheaga Music and Arts Festival.

Among the main attractions of the island of St. Helena it is worth noting entertaining Museum Biosphere, an amusement Park, La Ronde (the largest in québec) and the British Fort de île Sainte-hélène. The Fort is also home to the founded in 1955, the Stewart Museum, the exhibition, which will acquaint you with the history of Canada 16-19-th centuries.