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Canadian Museum of nature - Museum of natural history in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada. The Museum is located on McLeod Street, in the historic building known as the Victoria memorial. For the first time the Museum opened its doors to visitors on 1 July 1990.

An important place in the Museum is the collection of minerals and rocks. Actually, it is impressive collection of the Geological survey of Canada, the collection of which began in 1856 and became the basis of the Museum collection. An extensive collection of minerals includes more than 5000 radioactive specimens and more than 2000 precious stones.

The same collection of fossils presented in the Museum contains more than 50,000 specimens of fossil vertebrates from the Devonian to the Pleistocene are reptiles of the Cretaceous period, including an impressive collection of dinosaurs, mammals of the Neogene fishes of the Devonian and Cretaceous periods. There is also a small but very valuable collection of fossil plants of the canadian period of the Cretaceous and the Neogene, the collection of mushrooms and minerals collection of fossil pollen and spores - the best such collection in Canada.

Individual attention, no doubt, and Zoological collection of the Museum. Collection of invertebrates is represented by annelids (segmented worms or annelids), molluscs, crustaceans, insects and parasites. The collection also tells about vertebrates fish, amphibians and reptiles, birds and mammals.

Presented at the Canadian Museum of nature national herbarium of Canada. The herbarium contains more than 575000 instances of vascular plants, including 2500 copies of the model (objective bearers of the scientific names of species or subspecies of living organisms), more than 110,000 samples of lichens, among which 750 model instances, as well as an impressive collection of bryophytes - about 225000 true mosses or bryophytes, 25000 - hepatic mosses and 950 models. Collection of algae is represented in the Museum is a National collection of algae of Canada and includes 65,000 copies and 300 type specimens.

The Museum library has more than 35000 volumes on biology, botany, ecology, natural history, Mineralogy and other fields of knowledge, giving us an idea of the development of life on earth. Library and archive the Museum also have an impressive collection of periodicals, manuscripts, monographs, research and more.

Permanent exhibition of the Museum for the convenience and more informative is divided into themed galleries (the gallery of the birds, gallery of minerals, gallery of minerals, gallery of mammals, water gallery, etc.).