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The canadian war Museum

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Canadian war Museum national military history Museum in Ottawa. The history of the Museum began in 1880 with a small collection of military artifacts, officially the Museum was founded only in 1942.

Originally, the collection occupied several rooms in the Drill hall at Cartier square, and in 1967 the Museum has at its disposal a building of the former State archives on Sussex drive. Soon it became clear that the new house is too small for the rapidly growing Museum collection, and its considerable part had been placed in the so-called "Vimy House". In 2005, the Canadian war Museum moved to a new spacious building in the heart of Lebreton-Flets (Labretonie plain) just a few kilometres West of Parliament hill. The Grand opening took place in may 2005 and was dedicated to the 60th anniversary of the end of world war II.

Collection of the Canadian war Museum is vast and varied and beautifully illustrates not only the military history of Canada, starting with wars, alliances and conflicts of the first peoples, but also the major global conflict of the 20th century (world war I, world war II and the Cold war), and various peacekeeping operations since 1945 until the present time. In General, the Museum collection includes more than 500,000 items - various types of cold and small arms, tanks, artillery, planes, military equipment, items of military life, medals, paintings and much more.

In addition to the permanent exhibitions at the Canadian war Museum on a regular basis held special temporary exhibitions. There is a Museum in its own research center and an excellent library. In the archives of the Museum contains unique historical documents, letters, maps, drawings, sound recordings, microfilms, photographs, etc.