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Chateau Laurier (the official name of the Fairmont Chateau Laurier) is one of the most famous hotels in the capital of Canada, as well as important architectural and historical monument. The famous hotel is located in downtown Ottawa near the intersection of Rideau street and Sussex drive near famous sights like Parliament hill, national gallery of Canada, Byward market, Rideau canal and the war memorial of Canada.

The Chateau Laurier is a huge impressive structure, built of Indiana limestone in the style called "French Chateau", with a characteristic for this style are conical towers and Dormer Windows. The roof of the Chateau Laurier, covered with copper, and Gables decorated with carved flowers, scrolls, and crests. The interior of the hotel harmoniously combines luxury and elegance. Special attention undoubtedly deserve original Tiffany stained glass and plaster decorations Dating back to 1912 and a beautifully preserved to our days.

The initiator of the construction of the château Laurier was the head of the "Grand Trunk Railway" by Charles Melville Hayes. In the preparatory phase, a number of differences, including the choice of location for a future hotel. The assistance provided and current Prime Minister of Canada sir Wilfrid Laurier, in honor of which the hotel got its name.

The construction of the Chateau Laurier began in 1909, and in the summer of 1912 held its Grand opening. In 1923, the "Grand Trunk Railway" became part of Canadian national railway, the château Laurier - one of the most important hotels and the best Ottawa hotel, and a landmark public events and political meetings, in this connection, it is often referred to as the "third chamber of Parliament". For many years the Chateau Laurier was home to the Studio of world-renowned canadian photographer of Armenian origin, the masters of portrait photography is Yousuf Karsha.

In the late 1960s - early 1970-ies in Ottawa there are many new modern hotels, and the Chateau Laurier gradually began to decline. In order to restore its status as the main hotel of capital in the 1980-ies was carried out a large-scale reconstruction. In the same period was added and a glass lounge area "Zoe" overlooking Rideau street.

In 1981, the château Laurier has received the status of historical monument of Canada.