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Waterfalls Hogs-Back

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Waterfalls Hogs-Backing a series of artificial waterfalls on the Rideau river. The falls are located in the place where the river Rideau is separated from the channel, North of Bay Muni. Officially the falls are called "Falls of the Prince of Wales", but it is hardly used.

In the early 19th century, before it was built the Rideau canal existed here nature created a series of river rapids known as "the Rapids of the three rocks" with a length of about 600 m and the water drop height is 1.8 m to Move quite freely, it was possible in a canoe without a portage. The first written mention of this place called "Hogs-Back" date from 1827, and owned by engineer John McTaggart.

In the course of work on the project of the Rideau canal which was to connect the Ottawa river with lake Ontario, its chief engineer, John Bai initiated just in this place the construction of the dam, which, in fact, was planned to divert water from the Rideau river to the Rideau canal. The idea was very promising, but in the construction process, a number of complexities not originally considered. As a result, three times during the construction of the dam collapsed. However, all technological aspects managed to solve, and by 1831 the construction of the dam was completed. The water level in the river Rideau was raised to 12.5 m. a Specially equipped spillway, through which water was supplied to the channel, provided the natural flow of the Rideau river and maximally protect these edges from the possible consequences of spring floods. After all the work falls Hogs-Back and acquired its modern look.