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Zoo "Papanek"

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Zoo "Papanek" - a private zoo in the canadian town of Wendover. The zoo is only a 25-minute drive from the city of Ottawa and is very popular among local people of the canadian capital and its guests.

Zoo story "Papanek" began in the early 1980's, when it was founded the private breeding centre of exotic animals and birds, which later, in fact, was converted by its owners to the zoo. "Papanek" first opened its doors to visitors in 1994.

Today at the zoo "Papanek" there are more than 30 species of animals and birds, including white Bengal tigers, snow leopards, Cougars, Japanese macaques, zebras, lemurs, antelopes, etc. the owners of the zoo thoroughly worked to create a comfortable, as close to natural habitat conditions for all its inhabitants and were largely successful. Zoo visitors can not only observe animals and birds, but also feed them (in designated areas), and some even Pat. Employees of the zoo will be happy to tell you about the life, habits and diet of their Pets. If you plan to spend at the zoo all day, you can grab food with us and, sitting in the Park on the grass to have a picnic. You can also eat at the snack bar of the zoo, and a small gift shop to buy a nice trinket as a souvenir.

Very popular at the zoo "Papanek" services are "celebrating your child's birthday party" so-called "night Safari" (a fun night tour of the zoo) and the program of the day (from 11.00 am Saturday and until 12.00 noon on the day of resurrection, including night Safari).

Near the zoo is a summer camp "Junior Zoo Keeper Camp", where young nature lovers (ages 8 and older) with an enjoyable and productive time and more acquainted with the "backstage life" of the zoo and its inhabitants.

It's interesting that one of the inhabitants of the zoo "Papanek" African lion named Simba and became the prototype of the eponymous hero of the famous animated film "the lion King" produced by Walt Disney.