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The Montreal Masonic memorial temple

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Masonic memorial temple, or the Great Lodge of Quebec, one of the main historical and architectural sights of the city of Montreal. It is located on the corner of Sherbrooke street and Saint-Marc street, in the heart of Golden square Mile.

Since 1895, the main meeting place of the members of the Masonic order in Montreal and the headquarters of the Grand Lodge of Quebec was a multifunctional building on Dorchester street. Here the Masonic temple occupied only a part of the premises, and eventually became the question of the necessity of constructing a new spacious building. The fundraiser lasted for one year, and only in 1928 they had enough to Finance the project. The main architect of the new Masonic temple, which was conceived not only as a meeting place, but a memorial in honor of the victims of the Freemasons in the First world war, became a famous architect John Smith Archibald, he exercised and subsequently supervising the construction. The ceremonial laying of the cornerstone took place on 22 June 1929 and the first meeting of the Grand Lodge of Quebec held in the new Church on the 12th of February 1930.

In December 1930 on the Montreal Masonic memorial temple came a laudatory article in the "Journal for the architectural engineering and Contracting interests of Canada", and a year later the Masonic temple received from the Royal architectural Institute of Canada's prestigious award - the First award, class I, monumental buildings. In 2001, the Montreal Masonic memorial temple National historic site of Canada.

The Montreal Masonic memorial temple is a very impressive monumental building and is considered one of the best examples of the elegant Beaux-arts in Canada. The facades of the building facing Sherbrooke street and Saint-Marc street, lined with winsconsin limestone. The main facade of the building (on Sherbrooke street) consists of a base part, main, entablature and pediment. The base part of the cladding which is made in technique known as "rustic" (rustic facade), has four rectangular Windows and a centrally located front door with a massive bronze door. On either side of the main entrance are two free-standing symbolic columns, surmounted by two spheres, the earthly and the heavenly. The base portion separates from the main belt, decorated with ornamental carving and words - FIDES, VERITAS, CARITAS, LIBERTAS, SPES (Latin for - Faith, Truth, Mercy, Freedom and Hope). The main part has a portico with four fluted ionic columns, between which are five bronze torches. On the entablature bears the inscription Masonic Memorial Temple and triangular pediment decorated with a sculptured coat of arms of the masons.