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Basilica of our lady in Ottawa

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Basilica of our lady (also known as the Cathedral of the blessed virgin Mary or Notre-Dame Basilica) is a Roman Catholic Cathedral in Ottawa. The Basilica on Sussex drive and is the Cathedral of the Archdiocese of Ottawa.

In 1832, on the place where today is the Basilica of our lady, was erected a small wooden Church of Saint-Jacques. In 1841 the Church was demolished to build in its place a more spacious temple. The new Church was designed by Antoine Robillard and father John Francis cannon. Initially it was assumed that the Church is built in neo-classical style, but by 1844, when he completed only the lower section of the structure, the ward leadership was replaced, and from France, especially for the completion of construction, arrived father Telmon. The Holy father has decided to modify the original project and rebuild the temple in the then popular neo-Gothic style. Ready the bottom of the structure it was decided to leave unchanged. The main work was completed by 1846. The famous Gothic spires of the Cathedral, designed by father Damase Dandurand, was erected only to 1866.

In 1847 the parish Church received the status of a Cathedral and became the seat of the first Bishop of the diocese of BAYTOWN (in 1860, renamed the diocese of Ottawa) - Joseph-Bruno Guides, and in 1879, Pope Leo XIII awarded the Cathedral a Minor Basilica.

It is worth noting the huge contrast between the quite restrained external appearance of buildings and a magnificent interior Gothic arches, towering on both sides of the aisle leading from the main entrance to the altar, the beautiful stained glass Windows, hundreds of sculptures of various religious figures, of exquisite carved altar and more.

Today's Basilica is one of the oldest religious buildings of Ottawa and one of the main attractions of Canada's capital. Its spires twin, covered with tin, and glittering in the sun, and the gilded statue of the virgin with the infant in her arms clearly visible from Parliament hill and its environs. The Church service is conducted in both French and English.

In 1990, the Basilica of our lady received the status of a National historic site of Canada.