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The Redpath Museum

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Museum Redpath Museum of natural history in Montreal, Canada. The Museum belongs to one of the oldest canadian universities - the McGill University and located on campus of the University.

The Museum building was built in 1882 with funds canadian businessman and philanthropist Peter Redpath, in whose honour, in fact, the Museum got its name. The basis of the Museum collection is a unique collection assembled by the famous canadian geologist William Dawson.

The Redpath Museum you can get acquainted with the history of the evolution of life on earth in all its diversity. Excellent collection of the Museum, which exhibits collected from all over the world illustrate such science as Ethnology, Zoology, paleontology and Mineralogy. The Museum presents a vast collection of ancient and modern organisms, an impressive collection of minerals and an amazing collection of ethnological artifacts (over 17,000 from Africa, Ancient Egypt, Oceania, South America, Europe, etc.), and much more.

Among the most interesting and valuable exhibits of the Museum collection it is worth noting the huge skeleton of a gorgosaurus, a fossilized skeleton limnoscelis (primitive four-legged postnatalnogo — early Permian era), stuffed with such rare birds as the Carolina parakeet and the Labrador Gaga, and, of course, Egyptian mummies.

The Redpath Museum is considered one of the best museums in Canada and is an important research and educational center, and regularly holds different lectures and seminars. Excursions in the Redpath Museum is available in English and French. The Museum exposition will undoubtedly be interesting for both adults and children.