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The canadian postal Museum

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In 1971, with the aim of collecting, studying and preserving various artifacts and information relating to the postal heritage of Canada, and also promote this knowledge among the younger generation in Canada was founded the national postal Museum. Already in 1974, the Museum first opened its doors, becoming soon one of the largest and most visited museums in the world post.

In 1988, the national postal Museum officially became part of the Canadian Museum of civilization (since 2013 - the Canadian Museum of history) and in 1996 was renamed the Canadian postal Museum. In 1997, an impressive collection of the Museum moved to a spacious building of the Canadian Museum of civilization, located on Laurier street, 100 in Gatineau (Quebec).

Among the most interesting and valuable exhibits of the Museum collection can be noted a Desk that belonged to the designer of the first canadian postage stamps - the Sandford Fleming and unique stamp collection, including complete collection of stamps ever issued in Canada. However, no less interesting and screening equipment, canadian, and foreign postal boxes, postal uniforms and many other interesting exhibits, beautifully illustrating the history of mail.

In 2012, during the reform of the Canadian Museum of civilization, Canadian postal Museum was actually closed, and most of the unique artifacts were in storerooms. Available to the public only famous Canadian stamp collection, located in one of the galleries of the Canadian Museum of history. "Mothballed" exhibits are likely to be represented in the new historical gallery, the opening of which is planned in 2017.

To get acquainted with treasures of the Museum and chronology of postal history of Canada today on the official website of the Canadian Museum of history in the section "online exhibition".