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Park Jane Muntz

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Park Jane mance (or "Fletcher's Field") is a city Park in Montreal. The Park is located in the heart of Le Plateau-Mont-Royal on Park Avenue in front of mount Mont-Royal.

The history of the Park Jane Muntz began, in fact, in the second half of the 19th century, when authorities of Montreal acquired city land on the mountain Mont-Royal and its surroundings. Because of the nearby farm, whose owner was Mr. Fletcher, of the territory of modern Park pretty quickly got the name "Fletcher's Field". At various times, "Fletcher's Field" was used as a military parade ground, Golf course and football field. In 1878, here is the Montreal exhibition centre crystal Palace (the building was completely destroyed by fire in July 1896).

Its current name, the Park was named in honor of one of the founders of Montreal - a French nurse Jane Mansa (also known as the founder of the city's oldest hospital, Hôtel-Dieu de Montréal). This idea was first voiced at the Montreal Eucharistic Congress in 1910, and received wide public support, but officially "Fletcher's Field" was renamed "Park Jane Muntz" only in 1990.

Today, the Park Jane Mans - one of the best places in Montreal for an active holiday in the fresh air or a Sunday picnic. You will find here a football field, tennis courts, the softball field, playgrounds and much more. In summer, the Park operates a children's pool, and in winter poured two skating rinks - one for freeride and one for team sports (skating rinks, usually from mid-December to mid-March).