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The Museum Of Lachine

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The Lachine Museum is situated in the southwestern part of the island of Montreal in the area of Lachine, from which, in fact, that it got its name (until 2002 Lachine was a separate administrative unit, and the Museum - City Museum Lashina).

The history of the Lachine Museum began in the 1940s, when the mayor Lashina Anatole Karelian announced about the historical significance of the House of Le ber - Le Moyne and the need to preserve it for posterity as an important part of the history of New France. The house was built in the years 1669-1671 known Montreal merchants engaged in the fur trade - Jacques Le ber and Charles Le Moyne. The building was used exclusively as a trading point before the start of the 1680-ies and, in fact, is the only extant structure related to commercial activities Le ber and Le Moyne, which has played an important role in the development of the region and considered to be one of the most influential men of his time.

In 1946 the building was purchased in the property of the municipality of Lachine, renovated and in 1948 opened to the public as a historical Museum. In 1981-1985 was a large-scale reconstruction of the house in order to remove all architectural additions and restore the original structure of the 17th century - a fine example of French colonial architecture (in 2002, the House of Le ber - Le Moyne declared a National historic site of Canada).

Today, the Maison Le ber - Le Moyne is part of the Museum complex "Museum of Lachine," which in addition to the house includes a unique archaeological collection gathered during excavations in the surrounding area in 1998-2000 and 2009-2010 the company "Archéote", several historic buildings, also built in the 17th century and sculpture Garden, where you can get acquainted with the works of such talented artists as Linda Kovit, bill Vazan, Marcel Barbu, Michel Goulet, Henry Sachs, etc. Annually at the Museum of Lachine is held and exhibition of contemporary art.