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The Church Of St. Brigid

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Among the many attractions of Ottawa special attention, perhaps, deserves the former Roman Catholic Church of St. Brigid, which is now home to the Irish-canadian cultural centre, known as the arts Center of Saint Brigid.

In the mid-19th century, the Basilica of our lady (Notre Dame) was the only Catholic Church of Ottawa service which was visited by both English-speaking and French-speaking Catholic community of the city. By 1870, the percentage residing in Ottawa Irish, of which mainly consisted of the English-speaking community decreased dramatically, and significantly reduced their role and influence in the life and management of Notre-Dame Cathedral. Eventually the question arose about the creation of a separate Anglophone parish. In 1888, from the Archdiocese of Ottawa Joseph-Thomas Duhamel finally received approval to create a new parish, and in 1889 on the corner of St. Patrick and Cumberland began the construction of the future Church of St. Brigid. The project of the construction in neo-Romanesque style was designed by James R. Bowes. The solemn consecration of the Church took place in August 1890.

In may 2006, Archbishop Marcel Gervais made a decision about closing the Church of St. Bridget, on the grounds that the reduction of the number of parishioners and, as a consequence, lack of funds to maintain its functioning and the inability to carry out even minor repairs. In 2007 the building was put up for sale and as a result is sold for 450 thousand canadian dollars. The new owners have renovated the house and placed it in the Center of the Irish-canadian cultural heritage and now regularly hosts various social and cultural activities - exhibitions, concerts, theatrical performances, wedding celebrations and corporate parties.