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The canadian Museum of science and technology

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The canadian Museum of science and technology is located on Saint-Laurent Boulevard South of the Queensway (highway 417). The Museum was founded in 1967 in the framework of a large-scale celebration of the "Century of the Confederation of Canada", organized by the government and stretching for a year and became the first Museum of Canada, the exhibition which was presented interactive exhibits. The Museum was to acquaint the public with the history of innovation in science and technology and their influence on canadian development and popularization of knowledge among the younger generation.

The Museum's collection is extensive and diverse and includes more than 40,000 artifacts. The exhibition illustrates the development of such spheres of human activity, such as communications, energy, forestry, mining and the automotive industry, railway and sea transport, space technology, and more. The largest collection of exhibits presented in the so-called "Technological Park" of the Museum is old lighthouse, built in 1856 and originally based in the Cape Race of Newfoundland, CN 6200 steam locomotive, a Convair Atlas rocket, machine-rocking chair (type of ground drive sucker rod pump used in the operation of oil wells) and Observatory "Helen Battles Sawyer Hogg" where pyatnadcatiletnij telescope-a refractor of Dominantly Observatory. Famous Museum and excellent library.

Today the Canadian Museum of science and technology is one of the most interesting and popular attractions of the canadian capital. In addition to the permanent exhibition, the Museum regularly organizes temporary exhibitions, specialized and thematic conferences, seminars and lectures. Special attention the Museum pays to organizing entertaining educational programs for students.