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One of the most interesting and popular museums of the city of Ottawa is considered to be the currency Museum.

History of currency started in the late 1950-ies with the proposal of the head of the Bank of Canada James Coyne the creation of a national currency collection. Thus began the long and laborious process of gathering a collection for the future Museum, stretching back more than one decade. Although initially the priority was the acquisition of items relevant only to the history of the origin and development of the national currency of Canada, the Bank simultaneously purchased and thousands of exhibits of the different monetary systems of the world. The collection grew rapidly, adding as a result of the acquisitions of the Bank from collectors and private companies, and government agencies. Among the most important acquisitions is the collection of the famous numismatist Douglas Ferguson, a unique collection of HART purchased the government of Canada in 1883, and rare exhibits of one of the leading numismatists of Canada Mac Lachlan's. For the first time the currency Museum opened its doors to visitors on 5 December 1980.

Today the Museum collection includes more than 110,000 items - coins, banknotes, tokens, scales, cash registers, fixtures for production, storage and accounting of money as well as amusing samples of fakes, and much more. Represented in the Museum collection of canadian coins, paper money and other currency - the largest collection of national currency of Canada.

Excellent library and archives of the Museum contain over 8,500 specialized books, brochures, journals and valuable historical documents, the earliest of which date from the middle ages.

On a regular basis, the Museum organizes diverse temporary exhibitions, thematic lectures and seminars. Provided in the currency Museum is also and educational programs for schoolchildren.