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The Seminary Of San Sulpice

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Among the many attractions of Montreal special attention deserve the Seminary of San Sulpice. The Seminary is situated in the heart of Old Montreal at the Notre-Dame Basilica Notre-Dame de montréal and, like many years ago, is run by the Society sulpicianus.

The construction of the Seminary building was started in 1684. Engineered building Francois Daulier de Casson (rector of the Seminary in 1678-1701.), but the original project was quite expensive and the result has undergone a number of changes. Actually, it was originally built only perfectly preserved until our days the Central building is a massive structure (with a view of the street Notre-Dame, the building has three floors and from back side, due to topography or four floors) with an attic and a gabled roof, and at the beginning of the 18th century, two wings were added. True, most of the East wing was later replaced with a new structure built in the years 1845-1854 architect John Ostella. In the early 18th century there were massive stone wall covering the entrance to the territory of the Seminary from Notre-Dame. The gate is made in the neoclassical style and date from about 1740. The first half of the 18th century date from and installed above the main entrance a huge clock. In the courtyard of the Seminary, an outbuilding and a lovely garden.

Today the Seminary of San Sulpice is one of the oldest structures and architectural jewel of the French heritage of Montreal. In 1985, the building of the Seminary received the status of a Historical monument of Quebec, and in 2007, a National historic site of Canada.