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The great wall of China

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The great wall of China is recognized as one of the unique wonders of the world. In the history of world architecture on the grandeur this building has no equal. Constructed the Great wall of China as a military object, to build it began in the 3rd century BC So its history goes back more than 2000 years. A single consolidation of scattered fortresses was formed by Emperor Qin Shi Huang.

Back in the time of Warring States began construction of the great wall. The state in those days needed protection from enemies, in particular, from the raids of the Huns. More than a million people were involved, at that time it was a fifth of the population of the country.

There is a perception that the Great wall of China from space may be visible. It is wrong. There is another common myth that mortar for the bonding of the stones was mixed from a powder of human bones, and to increase the structural strength of the dead at a construction site buried directly in the wall. But no dead bone and no design wall, that's true, but the solution is regular rice flour.

The wall dimensions are different in different areas, the average wall height is 7.5 m, height of teeth - 9 m, width on a crest - 5.5 m, base width - 6.5 m.

Time has not spared this Grand structure, but today the Great wall of China - the world record in many respects and, above all, in length. As before, it is the longest ever man-made structures. Nowadays, the length of the wall reaches up to 2000 km in a straight line, and taking into account all its branches and curves is an average of 5 thousand km, Like a huge snake writhing the Great wall on the peaks, mountain ridges and passes. Starts wall in Sachangwan in the East and ends in the province Gansu in the West.