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Aquarium and marine zoo

Photos and description

Aquarium and marine zoo, located in the city of Sanya, is a wonderful place. The zoo is simply amazing the variety of animals represented here. Especially here like children.

Tourists can see a huge number of different species of exotic fish and birds, parrots and their incredible show, the view sea lions and dolphins, a crocodile show.

Interestingly, the huge aquariums at the zoo there. On the contrary, all fish and other marine species live in small aquariums, which is convenient to fit and to consider one or the other.

Shows and performances every hour, and after them the animals can be photographed, pre-paying for photos.

Here is a species of a huge turtle, whose age has passed for 600 years. Thrill-seekers are invited to feed the crocodile. The thrill is that food for him is a live chicken. And the ride on the ostrich will leave unforgettable memories for every visitor of the zoo. With all the animals can be photographed.

The aquarium is located in a cozy little Park where you can walk and breathe after a busy day.

Opposite the Park there is a small restaurant that serves tasty and inexpensive meal in the fresh air. By the way, near the zoo there is a small market. Here you can buy different Souvenirs made of shells, coral and jade.