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Phoenix Island

Photos and description

Phoenix - a luxury artificial island in the coastal zone of Hainan, created by a group of experienced designers, architects and builders working in the company of MAD Studio. In a unique project invested amount of 5 million yuan, which greatly exceeds the total cost of a similar island in Jumeirah (United Arab Emirates). The construction of the Phoenix began in 2008 and today the project is fully implemented. Oval platform with an area of over 400 thousand square meters connects to the neighbouring island of Hainan through the bridge. The length of the island is 1250 meters and a maximum width of luxury resort extends over 350 metres.

All buildings on the territory of Phoenix on a tourist scale belong to the Suite level and fully comply with the latest trends and innovative construction. A particular emphasis was made on creating a port for cruise ships wealthy visitors. The entire island is divided into 8 smaller regions, which are seven-star and five-star hotels, five high-rise buildings with residential areas, marinas and ferries, meeting room, and a large number of branded boutiques, and restaurants. On all sides the island is illuminated with thousands of led panels that are installed on each structure.

In the Central part of Phoenix, the eponymous sculpture with a height of 50 meters, which is considered a kind of symbol of the XXIX Olympic games in Beijing. With the Phoenix Islands began the procession of the Olympic flame. Today the island has ideal conditions for the most demanding travelers, which testifies to the active development of the tourism sector in the PRC.