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The Valley Of Butterflies

Photos and description

The valley of the Butterflies is a unique nature reserve in Yalong Bay. To reach the gorge, you need to overcome 30 km from Sanya city. The area of the valley, located in a picturesque gorge, is just over 1.5 hectares of land. This site presents not only a variety of butterflies, but the exotic plants and flowers.

The uniqueness of the reserve is its unique collection of butterflies collected around the world. They were brought from South America, China and Africa. Divided the reserve into two equal parts. The first includes a Museum where you can see the richest collection of butterflies and other interesting insects from different countries. The second part, following the Museum, is a small island with an artificially created tropical forest, reminiscent of the increasingly tiny gorge. In this man-made "gorge" butterflies live all available on the planet types from around the world. You can find here as gray and nondescript moths, and huge, resembling birds, swallowtail. These beautiful creatures fluttering around visitors and restricts their freedom only mesh or awning, stretched above, like heaven.

Interestingly, as the cost of certain specimens can reach 20 000 American dollars.

During the tour you will meet special "table" for the winged beauties. In such places, especially scattered piles of feed, so that you can catch beautiful butterflies right at table.

Butterflies have such a property — they fall asleep in intense heat and that's why tourists are recommended to visit this reserved area in the evening or morning hours. At this time of day the insects are vigorous and are free to fly in the allocated space.

All the butterflies fly freely across the reserve, the brook and the flowers of artificially processed sugar. They can be photographed, but in any case it is impossible to grab.

By the way, at the entrance to the reserve is one-storey building where you can see a large exhibition of insects, including more than 2000 kinds of different types. In addition, on the territory of the reserve there is a small shop. Here you can buy memorabilia stuff: plates, magnets, pictures.

The valley of Butterflies is a quiet and peaceful attraction on Hainan island, which appeals to both adults and children.