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Pirates Island

Photos and description

Pirates island is a very beautiful little island, which is located near the Hainan island. It can be reached by boat. The trip to the island takes just 15 minutes.

Experienced tourists are advised to hold the Island for a few days. On the island there is a hotel where you can rent a cozy Bungalow and enjoy the beauty of local nature to the fullest.

The island is ideal for a pleasant relaxing holiday and diving. There are several white clean sandy beaches with clear water, surrounded by stunning tropical forest with various species of flora and fauna.

Besides diving the island has many other activities and entertainment. For example, a boat with transparent bottom, night fishing, trips on the scooter, banana, paragliding, jet skis, yachts. In addition, the island is a beautiful observation deck where you can enjoy unforgettable views of the island of Hainan.

Pirates island was opened to tourists recently. In this Paradise still preserved nature in the wild, coral reefs are almost pristine condition. This is a great place for an unforgettable holiday in a few days.