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Valley radon sources Xinglong

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Valley radon sources Xinglong is located 100 km East of Sanya. From this city to the springs only an hour away, but, as you know, due to the volcanic origin, the island of Hainan has a remarkable number of natural thermal springs.

In the valley of the hot springs as the temperature (45 to 65 degrees), and composition. Very helpful radon sources for people with diseases of the joints and musculoskeletal system, skin diseases, respiratory and gynecological problems.

In addition to radon sources in the valley there is a Garden of tropical plants, where different species of tropical flora. Tourists can take a boat ride on a small lake in the valley. For those who want to learn more about the local culture, ideal for Garden and Asian traditions, where tourists are offered wonderful colorful show with songs and dances of the peoples of Asian countries.

Around the springs there are lovely coconut groves and plantations of tea and coffee. The area of the valley surrounded by luxurious Xinglong hotels with SPA-centers. In addition, there are located and the centers of Chinese medicine, where you can undergo treatments that are combined with the radon sources will give a great result. Such centres offer Chinese massage, compresses based on herbs, shiatsu massage, bamboo banks.

Valley Xinglong is the ideal place where you can not only relax, meditate, enjoy the local beauty, but also to improve their health and cure many diseases.

Here you can relax with children. For them are specially designed shallow swimming pools with slides and thermal water springs.