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Shanghai Botanical garden

Photos and description

Shanghai Botanical garden is the largest urban Botanical garden in China. It is a magnificent collection of plants, consisting of several thousand species, including very rare. In addition to local plants in the garden also grow the types of flowers and shrubs brought from other climatic zones.

In 1954 on the site of the Botanical garden is a Garden Longhua for children, but twenty years later began construction of the Shanghai Botanical garden. For visitors it opened its doors in 1978. Over the years, Botanic garden has won many awards at the most prestigious international flower shows.

The best time to visit is spring. At this time, it hosts a variety of exhibitions. At the exhibition you can see the colors of the most incredible shapes, sizes, colors and scents. In the Rose garden in spring bloom begonias, plums, peaches and cherries. In Peony garden - the richest collection of peonies, the national flower of China. In the Garden of azaleas is approximately 5 thousand species of these flowers, and about the same number of species in the Magnolia garden.

For summer vacation the best place is the Bamboo garden. Here grows about 100 species of bamboo from all parts of China. On both sides of the road are bamboo huts, in the shade where you can relax and hide from the sun.

A special place is the Garden penjing (a kind of bonsai). It presents the pink water lilies and lotuses. Autumn Park popular with tourists because of the violence of coloring leaves on the trees.

For the winter exhibition in the Botanical garden is the Conservatory, which represented more than 3.5 thousand of plants brought from the tropics. In the halls of the installed automatic watering system and a special system to create a specific microclimate for each plant species. The greenhouse is divided into two zones. The first is for tropical plants, the other for desert plants.

Also in the garden there is an area with tropical fruit trees. Here grow pineapples, coffee tree and other exotics.