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Lianhuashan Park

Photos and description

Lianhuashan Park, or "Mountain of Lotus" is located in the Futian district of Shenzhen city and today is a favorite venue for not only local residents but also visiting tourists. On the territory of 150 hectares equipped many areas with trees, soft grass, small ponds, spanned with openwork arched bridges. Low buildings and other constructions due to the fact that the main idea of the leadership of the city was based on the creation of such a Park where townspeople could have a rest from everyday work, going outside of Shenzhen. So most of Lianhuashan are natural landscapes with elements of traditional Chinese landscape design. The only sculpture which is installed on top of a hill located in the Park is a bronze monument dedicated to Deng Xiaoping.

On weekends Lianhuashan going to a large number of people wanting to fly a kite, take part in a mass gymnastics qigong or Taishi, have a picnic in the fresh air, dance to national music, and spend time in a relaxed atmosphere away from the bustle of the city. For lovers of active recreation in the Park was equipped with several places for running, playing tennis and ping-pong.

The entrance to the Lianhuashan absolutely free, but to visit it at any convenient time daily. In addition to its main function of the Park is considered the hallmark of Shenzhen is on the list of eight best places in the city tourist and cultural spheres.