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Jade Buddha Temple

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Was moved to Shanghai in 1918. The building of the architectural ensemble built in the classic Chinese style with yellow ochre, typical of religious buildings of the lower reaches of the Yangtze. The temple attracts two jeweled statues of the Buddha carved out of white jade brought from Burma.

The largest statue, with a height of 1.9 m and a weight of 1T., located on the second floor of the last building and traditionally deployed along the axis North - South. The architectural ensemble of the Temple is completed by Building jade Buddha. This two-story structure serves both as a repository for sutras, which befits a famous temple.

Jade Buddha temple is located in the North-West of Shanghai. He became the most famous Buddhist temple in this city. Such a high popularity of the Church acquired through the incredible Buddha statue, located on the upper level of the Church. This unique statue is made from a single piece of rare white jade.

Jade Buddha in a sitting position - a monument of Buddhist sculpture. Perfectly unique vibrant, gentle-patronizing expression. Carved out of solid blocks of monochromatic jade, the statue has a height of 1.92 m and a width of 1.34 m. All gems on it, including a large ruby in the forehead of the Buddha was donated by followers of Buddhism. In the cabinets along the walls are stored 7240 volumes of Buddhist literature, including Sutra "Azzazzin" printed in 1870.

In addition, the temple has another unusual Buddha statue with smaller sizes. It symbolizes the Buddha lying in Nirvana, and is also made out of jade bright colors.

Since 1983 the Church building is also used as the Shanghai Institute of Buddhism. That is why it regularly holds seminars, lectures and other classes on Buddhism.

For all visitors to the temple opened a beautiful restaurant where you can enjoy local delicacies. In addition to a restaurant, you can visit the gift shop. Here are various articles of jade and a small interesting Souvenirs.

When visiting the Church, tourists should know that to photographed on site is strictly prohibited.