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Botanical garden Xianhu ("fairy Lake")

Photos and description

In the southern part of Longgang district, in the suburbs of Shenzhen there are beautiful Botanical gardens Sanju that impresses visitors with its magnificence and scenic landscapes. The main area of over 600 hectares surrounded by a natural mountain range, and in the middle of the garden lies the blue lake, which the locals call "fairy Lake". Sanju renowned for its unique collection of a variety of plants, numbering about 4,000 species, brought from all over the world. Most of the varieties are quite rare, so the garden is making utmost efforts to preserve them. To this end, in all open and closed greenhouses Sanju supported by optimal climatic conditions.

The whole complex is divided into such zones as the Green club, a Fishing club, Longhu, a Golf Club, a Bamboo grove, Petrified trees, Mountain waterfall, etc. the Landscape of each zone deserves special attention, as it represents a model of landscape art. Large-scale green spaces, the original flower beds of different shapes, miniature sculptures of animals, comfortable pavilions for rest - all of this you can see with your own eyes by visiting Sanju.

In a tourist program provided not only familiarity with the diverse flora of the garden, and trips to two Islands located in the middle of the lake. Mini-travel visitors go on ancient boats accompanied by guides dressed in traditional Chinese costumes. The desire of the vast area of the garden can be viewed through moving trains, making periodic stops in the most important places Sanju.