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Amusement Park window of the world

Photos and description

In the North-Eastern part of Changsha is located the city's largest entertainment complex called "window of the world". On the vast territory of the Park are several themed zones, offering its visitors not only a fascinating program, but also the opportunity to actively spend time. The Park concept is based on the cognitive, scientific, recreational and cultural components. Project attractions were developed by leading experts in the field of creating entertainment facilities, with the result that the designers managed to combine in the same area a variety of recreational activities.

A key part of the window of the world is a Playground, which presents 120 reconstructed samples of famous architectural structures from around the world. Each area of the site is a mini-country with its customs, culture and traditions. Also among tourists is popular enough Central building, decorated in a modern style. The facility is equipped with the latest technology that allows you to conduct tours, show performances and acrobatic show with holographic images. Separately worth noting the presence in the building of the original cinema where you can see movie on water screen in the volumetric image.

In the evening hours in the Park starts on a colorful show includes a musical fountain with laser lights, and the rest is transformed into a magical radiant world. Not so long ago in "window of the world" was the attraction based on the popular American game Angry Birds, which further began to attract the attention of visitors to this attraction.