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Military theme Park "CITIC Minsk world"

Photos and description

In Shenzhen is an unusual military theme Park called the World of "Minsk", which will have an original and unconventional approach, from the point of view of Chinese garden architecture. The concept of the creation of the Park was laid out a large-scale reconstruction of the Russian aircraft carrier Minsk, located in the Harbor of one of the rivers of the city and excluded from the Navy in 1993. The fate of the carrier after this has developed in different ways. Originally a military ship was purchased by a private South Korean company, but the government of Shenzhen was able to buy up decommissioned aircraft carrier in 1998, and its territory made a unique entertainment complex.

In a large-scale project has invested about 30 million yuan, which allowed 16 months to fully reconstruct the carrier in accordance with the developed project. Today, the Park is divided into two thematic parts: the Minsk area on dry land, and the premises of the Museum. The total area of the carrier is about 30 000 square meters and consists of themed decks. On the lower floor you can see the original MiG-23 and well-known Russian Mi-24 helicopters, considered the pride of military weapons Russia. The second floor is the living quarters for the sailors made in the form of an exhibition. Part of the ground and "Minsk" are connected by a solid bridge, which is guarded by a guard of honor greets visitors.

We should also mention the conduct aboard an aircraft carrier, a variety of exhibitions about sea sports, demonstration performances of military subjects and other interesting exhibits. Upon request, visitors are invited to dine in the small cafe inside the Park and buy Souvenirs.