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Theme Park "Splendid China"

Photos and description

Theme Park "Folk village" or "Splendid China", fully justifies its name, as it is an ambitious project, reflecting the diversity of the culture of Chinese minor nationalities, including music, theatre, literature, architecture, painting, and other specific ethnic elements. The Park is divided into several parts, located on the territory of skillfully executed copies of villages and small settlements. Each zone is a special world with its own traditions and customs, preserved throughout the centuries.

Visitors are encouraged to independently choose an appropriate route depending on individual preferences. To do this all over the "village" signage is in Chinese and English, and at the entrance to the Park is given a detailed programme. Getting into separate themed area, tourists will find a fascinating mini-trip that consists of exploring the outstanding monuments of architecture, lifestyle and local flavor, tasting of dishes of national cuisine, participate in theatrical productions, as well as visit the souvenir shops.

It is worth noting that the area of the Park is fascinating for its scenery, high waterfalls, arched bridges, the statue of Guanyin, a Buddhist temple, artificial rocks and beautiful flower arrangements. After seven o'clock in the evening invited the artists and a light show begins, stylized folk themes. The cost colorful presentation is included in the total price of the ticket.