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Statue Of Guanyin

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The statue of the goddess Guanyin has a sacred meaning for Buddhists from all over the world. The altitude of deities built from copper and white stone, is located 108 metres, making the statue occupies the first place among the other sculptures in the Guanyin. In Buddhist mythology, this goddess plays a significant role as the personification of wisdom, fertility, protection, femininity and harmony.

The project for the construction of the statue was started in 1999 on the territory of artificial Islands, located on Hainan island (Sanya). In 2005, the opening of the sculpture came exactly 108 representatives of Buddhism from Macau, Tibet, Hong Kong and other regions of the PRC. According to the Tibetan mythology and traditions of Feng Shui, the number 108 is considered the most happy and brings people to greater success. That is why the advance was predefined number of invited monks.

Externally, the statue striking in its grandeur and Majesty. If you look at the sculpture from different angles, you can see three faces of the goddess Guanyin, each of which contains valuable Buddhist information. The first figure of the deity, facing the island of Hainan. In one hand Guanyin is the book and a second hand goddess shows gesture wise. The second part of the statue is different because Guanyin holds in his hands a rosary, the number of beads which coincides with the significant number 108. In the third version of the sculpture the goddess's hands calmly folded in the Lotus position.

This amazing statue daily attracts numerous pilgrims, locals and tourists. At the base of the lower pedestal is equipped with a special platform for everyone could put a few incense sticks and ask the goddess about the secret.