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Macau tower is an important landmark of the city, because it offers the good views of the surrounding city and the entire Peninsula. The skyscraper is located on the South Macau, near Nam van lake. The height of the tower is equal to 338 meters, therefore it can be seen at a distance of several kilometers.

The tower project was prepared by new Zealand architect Gordon Moller. The construction of the skyscraper has been made for three years in the period from 1998 to 2001.

Today the tower is a huge shopping complex with exhibition halls, restaurants, cinema, shops and observation deck are open. The sightseeing platform at a height of 233 meters, you can take a walk. From its height you can see the whole of Macau, the pearl river and Guangzhou, as well as some Islands of Hong Kong. The site itself consists of two levels and amounts to approximately 734 square feet. The floor inside the glass, moving, full rotation is completed in 1 hour. The outside observation deck has a glass railing and a fence.

Also skyscraper Macau is known for its "bungee jumping", the highest in the world. Jump it costs about a thousand dollars.

Tower Macau announced tenth the height of the architectural structure in the world in 2001. In Asia it is the eighth in height, among the other skyscrapers. Macau tower is an honorary member of the world Federation of Skyscrapers.

The tower weighs about 58 thousand tons, and can withstand wind speeds of up to 400 km/h. During typhoons and hurricanes the amplitude of the rocking of a skyscraper is 90 see Inside the tower has an Express Elevator that 45 seconds picks up the guests of a skyscraper observation deck.

The third floor is the restaurant "LEWA Azul", and the fourth - the restaurant "Café" with a wide range of dishes of Italian, Chinese and European cuisine. Also on the fourth floor is a cinema where you can see all the new foreign and Chinese cinema.

The Macau tower also offers some services for fans of extreme sports: climbing the outside walls of a skyscraper, climb to the spire, walking along the eaves. Photos and videos are charged separately.