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The Shanghai tower

Photos and description

The Shanghai tower is located in Central Shanghai Pudong new area and today occupies the third place height, along with such global landmarks as the Burj Khalifa in Dubai (828 meters) and the sky tree in Tokyo (634 meters). The tower extends to 632 meters, and the total inner area is about 380,000 square kilometers. Final date of construction and completion of interior works is considered to be 2015, when the management officially announced the launch of all the internal systems of the tower.

Originally on the tower project worked with a team of highly qualified architects, designers and builders, who managed to bring to life this unique structure. Innovative technologies allow to create not only a masterpiece of futuristic landscape, but to use the building for public purposes. For example, almost 20 floors in the tower is a luxurious hotel, located on the roof of the modern observation deck, which offers stunning views of the city. Climb to the top floor, through the long Elevator, which travels at a speed of at least 18 meters per second.

The structure is functioning perfectly in all weather conditions thanks to super-resistant design, which is based on concrete piles. It is worth noting that the external facade is made of high-strength glass that provides significant energy savings on Sunny days. In the immediate vicinity of the tower is a well-known international financial center.