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Fortress Daping

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In the Eastern part of Shenzhen is the ancient city of Dapeng called by locals the fortress Daping. The city's architecture is so well preserved that visitors of this amazing place can feel the true spirit of Chinese architecture belonging to the period of the reign of the Ming and Qing dynasties.

The main buildings were created over 600 years ago, as evidenced by the traditional forms of the buildings and type of materials. Since 1394 Daping received the official status of sea defenses defending Eastern districts of Shenzhen from the Japanese invaders. The massive complex of fortresses for many centuries was one of the most important defensive building of China and occupied an area of 110,000 square meters. Daping was equipped with the latest technology during the reign of Emperor Kangxi and included a special niche for the weapon in which was mounted a cannon.

Currently, the fortress and other buildings included in the list of cultural heritage of China and are carefully protected by the government. In recent decades, Daping became a popular place among tourists and is a unique complex, combining historical, cultural, and recreational components. As a rule, wishing to visit the fortress arrive in the ancient city for two or three days, settle down in comfortable hotels and advance purchase excursion. Friendly locals offer their services as guides, and at the request of tourists can hold a master class on creating original products and traditional crafts.