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Grand Bazaar Urumqi

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Erdao Qiao, or Grand Bazaar in Urumqi is famous throughout China to the dazzling variety of goods. The management of the market have focused on the implementation of the East of handicraft products executed in traditional techniques and a single copy. Inside the large building has it all: textiles (blankets, pillows, carpets, silk bedding, scarves), jewelry products from precious metals (bracelets, earrings, cufflinks, necklace), rare angelesca knives, unique items made of jade, musical instruments, Souvenirs, etc. So residents of Urumqi often call this place a "Fair of Nations". Tourists are often carried out on a Large market the whole day because after shopping, you can relax in comfortable areas to enjoy traditional Uyghur cuisine and watch mini-performances, which suit local actors. Near the Bazaar is the famous Museum of the silk road, which presents a fascinating exhibition about the history of the Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous region.

Grand Bazaar is located in the southern part of the city Shenli. Nearby are the most famous mosque in Urumqi. In this regard, on the market you can see a large number of representatives of the Uighur Diaspora. After the conflict on national soil between Uighurs and Chinese (2009), the city government intensified security measures in the market, after which the flow of tourists has increased again. The best time to visit the Grand Bazaar considered to be the interval from 11 to 16 hours of the day, as during this period, some buyers and you can obtain significant discount on goods.