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Tower Singin

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Tower Sangin - a monumental construction in Shenzhen, built in accordance with all the canons of modern architecture and represent one of the highest buildings in China (384 meters). The building project was developed by the world leading experts in the field of construction of skyscrapers. The project implementation was started in 1996 and after three years in the Central part of Shenzhen, local residents were able to see this unique skyscraper.

External facades Singin made of solid steel, which also has a decorative function, as in the daytime, the sunlight reflected from the walls, and the tower turns into a luminous miracle. The building is 69 floors on an area of about 270 000 square meters, which testifies to the scale of the building. The main part of rooms are reserved for popular businesses, shopping centers, complexes and Parking areas foodcare.

The top floor is crowned by two small spire, equipped with special devices to alert pilots. On the hoist you can see the spacious observation deck, which offers stunning views of the city. The building is quite easy to move, since the architects were provided with escalators 34 elevators, two of which are cargo.

The area in front of Sengen includes a large Playground with green areas, numerous benches to relax and small shops. For local residents, the tower is not only a hallmark of the city, but also a significant landmark, which is visited by many tourists coming to Shenzhen.