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The Chinese end of the world

Photos and description

Chinese the world's end is one of the most visited places on the island of Hainan and Sanya city. The Park is located about 25 km West of Sanya. This place can hardly be called simple Park. In fact, it is a picturesque seashore of white sand, which is scattered around a huge smooth stones. The boulders are very similar to inverted abandoned boats, sometimes immersed in clear water.

According to ancient Chinese legend, this place during his wanderings, visited the mythical king sun Wukong. When he saw a bizarre accumulation of large smooth stones, he was struck by the indescribable beauty of this place and called it the Edge of the sky.

If you look closely, many of the stones have their own name. For example, on the largest boulder, a height of 10 meters, there are characters, confirming that this place is the southernmost point of China, or the edge of the world. On one of the stones is written "Stone of wealth". By the way, a small image of this stone is present on the banknote 2 yuan. There are also stones "Labyrinth for lovers", "Stone - broken heart" and others.

For the Chinese, it is a very romantic place. It is said that earlier artists and writers came here to find inspiration for their works. Now, many Chinese couples come to the Park to confess to one another in love and together watch the sunset.

Near the Park is a marine zoo. The distance between them is literally 300 metres away. In the zoo, you can observe the marine inhabitants through the thin glass. In addition, the Park has a unique collection of exotic birds from all over southern China. Now there are more than thousands species of birds.

Park "on the Edge" tourists are advised to visit in the evening, when nearing sunset. The sun is setting and its glare fabulous shimmer on the waves. The sea shore is even more mysterious and give the impression that this is indeed the end of the earth.