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District Tianzifang

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District Tianzifang in Shanghai tourists called "Chinese Arbat", as in this place concentrates a large variety of shops, shops with Souvenirs, cafes, restaurants and art workshops. The history of the area dates back several centuries, while Tianzifang managed to keep their own identity and traditions. Externally, the district is an intersection of many streets, where you can not just walk, but and purchase unique objects of art and Antiques collected from all over China. The cost of such items may vary from 10 to 40000 yuan.

The Chinese themselves consider Tianzifang a combination of incongruous. Dilapidated Hutong (houses for the poor), the new reconstructed building, the remains of ancient buildings, bright lights, loud traders - all this gives the impression of an urban fantasy combined with futuristic landscape.

To move around Tianzifang is most convenient on foot or by bike. But you first need to find the official Parking for bikes, as all lanes of the area are strictly protected by the local police prohibiting to leave the bike outside the parks.

Street trading is the main activity in Tianzifang. Shanghai merchants at reasonable prices offers traditional Chinese food for every taste. To sample such famous dishes like fried tofu, baked oysters with garlic, Bao JI, noodles, smoked pork ears directly on the street. It is a special zone.