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The seashell Museum

Photos and description

The shell Museum is one of the most popular attractions in Sanya, a very interesting and informative. It is a popular place for tourists, especially children.

The Museum was opened for visitors in 1997 and offers the tourists to dive in the deep oceans and meet the mysterious world of underwater creatures that have ever lived in the South China sea.

The area is 3 000 sq. m. the Museum contains several hundred different instances of shells and mollusks from the tropical seas. In total, exhibited in the Museum exhibits include more than 5,000 species of shells that live in the local seas and rivers and 200 species of marine coral. One of the halls demonstrates the amazing process of how formed in shells pearls of various shapes and colors.

Now you don't have to go diving to see the beauty of underwater life of the oceans. The Museum building is made in a style that visitors felt that they really are under the water and watching the tropical creatures. And on the big screen broadcast a video about the oceans, seas and their inhabitants, which further immerses visitors in the atmosphere of the sea depths. By the way, with all the exhibits can be photographed.

Visit the shell Museum is one of the main attractions of tourists in Sanya. After all, some shells and clams are very beautiful and are of extraordinary shapes. Near the Museum is a small shop where you can buy different Souvenirs made of shells.

Most of the tourists at the same time with the seashell Museum visit the butterfly Museum, which is located nearby.