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Safari Park

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Safari Park, or wildlife Zoo, is located in the immediate vicinity of Seeley lake in Shenzhen. The concept of this attraction is not much different from other zoos in China, but impresses visitors with its vast territory (120 acres), divided into various thematic areas. Highlights include: Sea world, Herbivores and predators in the Valley. In each part of the Park equipped with cages for animals and equipped with special equipment to maintain the optimum climatic conditions for each species.

To move around the Park both on foot and using comfortable of locomotives, the route which usually takes place in the Valley of the wild beasts. A feature of the Park is that for predatory animals created natural habitat, and visitors can only watch from the side how is the daily lives of lions, tigers, bears and leopards. The pride of Park management are female Tyrolia and four ligra, born within the walls of the zoo.

In the marine area are available for visitors to get to know these inhabitants of the sea like penguins, turtles, dolphins, sea lions and seals. Everyday there are exciting performances involving animals, excursion to the Zoological Museum and research center specializing in the preservation and propagation of rare species of fauna. After a long walk you can relax in a cozy cafe and purchase at a reasonable price Souvenirs with the image of the inhabitants of the Park.