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The amusement Park "Xiaomeisha sea world"

Photos and description

In the picturesque area of Antani is a wonderful Park "Xiaomeisha sea world", which is considered a hallmark of the city of Shenzhen. The main part of the Park is located in the vicinity of the most beautiful beach of Xiaomeisha, covered with pure white sand. The Park is a large-scale project of complex marine and ocean subjects. Already in 1998, "Xiaomeisha sea world" opened its doors for the first visitors and in a short time became popular all over China.

Later, Park actively developed on the property was built new pavilions, equipped with modern equipment, which allows you to keep in aquariums and terrariums of various types of oceanic fauna. Thematic division "Xiaomeisha sea world" is: the Museum of science and technology, the World ocean dreams, ocean Theater, ocean Garden, turtle Island, Poseidon garden and the Museum of model airplanes. Such diversity due to extensive areas and efforts by the management to create a comfortable environment for visitors.

Among the inhabitants of the deep sea in the Park you can see over 600 species of fish, sea elephants, penguins, corals, shellfish, and large mammals such as the eight-meter whale shark and whales-Beluga. Of particular interest among the visitors cause long underground pavilions with glass tunnels through which it is convenient to observe the life of fishes in their natural habitat. At the exit of the Park is a large area of trade stands selling Souvenirs.