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Guangzhou TV Tower

Photos and description

Guangzhou TV tower is the second tallest tower in the world. Its construction was started in 2005 and was completed by 2010, the company ARUP. The opening was timed for the Asian games the same year.

The height of the tower is 600 meters, 450 of which are a combination of hyperboloid carrier shell mesh and a Central core. Itself hyperboloid design of the outer shell is made in full accordance with the patent of 1899, which has registered V. G. Shukhov, Russian engineer.

The total weight of the tower reaches 50 thousand tons, and was designed to withstand earthquakes with a magnitude exceeding 8 points under the Richter scale. Retina created from steel pipe of impressive diameter, and is crowned by a tower with a steel spire, with a height of 160 meters. Designed the Guangzhou tower for broadcasting radio and TV signals. In addition, is a key attraction of the city and can accommodate up to 10 thousand visitors daily (with the tower offers a beautiful panorama view of the city).

Its famous tower has also received under the name "Supermodel". Located in Haizhu district, near the pagoda Cigana and the Bank of Pearl river. Another nickname of the tower - “Xiao Man's Waist” that can be translated as "slim waist" (meaning the geisha in the Tang dynasty, famous for his slim waist) - the design has received thanks to its innovative design.

Glassed-in observation deck for tourists are located on the 449, 168, 116 and 33 meters. The observation platform is located at an altitude of 488 meters. Also TV tower with rotating restaurants, which are located at altitudes of 418 and 428 feet.