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"Tropical sea world"

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"Tropical sea world" is a place on Hainan island, which became China's first oceanic tropical gardens. Opened in 2000, at the moment the Park is one of the most popular and visited tourist attractions on the island.

On the territory of the Park is large and welcoming garden. Here grow a variety of tropical flowers, trees and plants. Here very clean air, and pleasant climate. Fruits, by the way, you can try.

In addition, tropical Park offers to visit the small aquarium, which is inhabited by 400 species of fish and sea turtles - some of them are 800 years old.

One of the most informative and interesting day at the Park is a trip on a submarine to Yalong Bay, during which you can see the sea depths and their inhabitants.

For those who prefer sports and outdoor activities, there is the opportunity to conquer the highest peak of the island, which is located at 1800 metres on mount Wuzhishan. It offers an unforgettable view of the "cloud sea" are clouds which are below the peak of the mountain and seem to be translucent white sea.

At the foot of the mountains the locals live, are gladly welcome tourists, offer them tea and even vodka of own production.