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Aquarium Qingdao

Photos and description

The aquarium, located in Qingdao, is different from other Chinese institutions of this kind, is the first aquarium in China, built in 1932 and is now considered a key landmark of the city. The first thing that attracts the attention of visitors is the original appearance of the complex, designed in the shape of a Chinese fortress and take a worthy place among the most attractive buildings in Qingdao.

Aquarium thematically divided into the following zones: jellyfish Palace, Exhibition of marine life, Underwater, Museum of marine animals and freshwater Aquarium. All parts are connected to each other by underground tunnels made of glass, through which you can see the diversity of the underwater world. In the Palace of jellyfish visitors are invited to meet with these amazing creatures of the deep, and listen to an interesting excursion about each of the types.

In one of the exhibition rooms shows about 20000 species of corals, algae, shells of various sizes, crabs, whales, sea turtles, sharks, exotic fish, etc. In the Central part of the aquarium is a large basin, which is home to sea seals, and are located around the pool enclosures with penguins and turtles.

In a freshwater aquarium visitors are greeted by the biggest freshwater fish arapaima, huge Salamander, Chinese alligators and mullet. It is worth noting that in 2003, the aquarium was built the tunnel, 86 feet wide, which is a magical hallway with thousands of fish. Every day in the aquarium are the shows with the participation of sharks, sea lions, lions and seals.