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Orchid Garden Guangzhou

Photos and description

Guangzhou, a famous city in China, famous for its magnificent gardens. One of them is dedicated to the "Queen" of the flower world, namely, the Orchid. This whimsical plant requires careful care, but the staff of the garden have managed to create favorable climate conditions for hundreds of species of orchids. The extensive grounds of the garden is eight acres and is divided into several zones.

Thanks to the thoughtful landscape design of the garden visitors can walk freely along small winding paths, enjoying the beauty and fragrance of flowers. Each area has many benches made of artificial waterfalls and pavilions equipped for the tea ceremony where everyone is invited to taste the most delicious varieties of Chinese tea.

Garden guide has taken maximum effort to collect in one area most valuable collection of orchids. Each bed is a work of art, created in a single instance. In winter all orchids are cleaned in specialized greenhouses, and in the spring again planted in the flower beds.

In the Western part of the garden, in the centre of the bamboo forest is the burial of the famous preacher Saad Ibn Abu Waqqas, who has had a significant impact on the preservation and spread of Islam in China. Around the grave there are several benches for those who have decided to retire from the hustle and bustle and have some quiet time.

At the exit of the garden at a reasonable price to purchase not only Souvenirs, but also live orchids in pots. Professional consultants explain in detail the basic rules of cultivation of this fastidious plant.