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Kaifu Temple

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In that place, the confluence of xiangjiang river and the new North more than a thousand years ago was raised the Kaifu temple, which is considered to this day a stronghold of Buddhism in Hunan province. The construction of the magnificent temple began during five eras and later a High more and more developed, resulting in a full complex, total area of which is about 48 000 square meters.

During the reign of the song dynasty in the temple lived a monk Hongjun, known for its healing abilities. The monk did a lot for the Buzz became a Buddhist centre and place of pilgrimage. Soon, however, the Shrine was almost destroyed because of the attack on China of the Mongol troops. After several decades of monk SAIC has taken maximum efforts for the reconstruction and full restoration of the temple. Was restored all the interior, built a massive ten-meter arch of granite, crowning the entrance and sanitized interior green area. In General, the High represents the traditional styles of the Ming and Qing dynasties. Red-and-blue color scheme, many internal transitions are supported by wooden piles, square high window - all this is evidence of classic Buddhist architecture.

Significant changes in the structure of the Church occurred in 1994, when the Abbot of Nangjing complemented the system with the reservoir, a Belfry, a dormitory for the monks, restored the meditation hall, the dining room and library.

Currently, the Buzz is an active Church, but tourists can visit it only in strict compliance with the rules established by the monks.